Chef Rory Lee

Chef Rory Lee was infatuated with cooking from his early days in South Boston (born and raised), where he grew up watching his mother and grandmother prepare meals for his big family. Lee began his culinary journey at the beloved Sullivan’s at Castle Island but it wasn’t until he took his first job at KO Pies in South Boston that he really fell in love with all things cooking and, especially, making dough. After three years at KO Pies, he moved on to manage Stone and Skillet English Muffin Company where he honed his skills as a bread maker.  In 2016, he joined the team at Moona as a line cook and has since worked his way up.  Now as Chef de Cuisine he draws on the authentic influences of Turkey, Morocco, Greece, and more, reinterpreting traditional cuisines to appeal to today’s modern New England palate.